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Initial Project Concept
@Warman: give me an hour or so to eat food and export mesh's with cfhod ed and i'll have them. Will try to get some example turrets too.
Awesome! No great hurry as I'm stuck at work for the next...6 hours. T-T
Here's a multitude of ships sans turrets (that WILL take me a good bit longer, as each is in 3 pieces that have to be manually positioned).

Sorted the attachments issue.
carl attached the following file:
hw2_size_comparision_base_file.rar [520.64kB / 22 Downloads]
Got them, thanks!
If you recall Axel, I have his models. At least those he stored at the site I hosted for him. Probably IP issue, but if we could get in touch with him?
Sun Tzu
Axel's turrets are top notch. I guess there is nothing or very little to do to bring them to Remastered standards.
I just brought the .stl files into my fact. The Hiigaran battlecruiser is almost a kilometer in length according to the native units of this .stl. Seems legit!
I think the Battlecruiser is in the neighborhood of ~800 meters, so yeah. That seems about right.
Got a related question. Since the modelling bug has got me making taidanni ships would their be interest in me typing up my Tadanni republic design, and fleet composition document? It would need some adaptation for PDS though. Upto you but i thought i'd offer.

Working slowly on the turrets your Warman btw. They're a pain to do tbh.
Sure, go nuts!

I do want to somewhat differentiate the Imperialist and Republican Taiidani fleets somewhat in the time between Homeworld 1 and 2. The idea being the republic went into decline after the beast wars and got curb stomped by Makaan during his first assault.

Imperialist Taiidan basically took over what was left, and in the post HW2 era would use a combination of shiptypes (relatively easy due to the similar technological base.)
Hmm there are some differences, (not totally incompatible though), in that from where my idea's where going. Primarily the republic very much remains a first rate power but emphasized a very defensive posture and had fairly low amounts of raw production capacity, particularly in the capital class area. In effect high quality but limited strategic mobility. Which still works from a certain direction on that point.

Anyway i'll type up a bigger document detailing things in full though it will be much briefer than the Somtaww document that is WIP.
Finally managed to figure out how to make a certain type of shape. >.<

(Not sure how to locally embed images, since I know we are not to link to them).
Starting with the image provided in the attachment "Destroyer - Start.jpg".

My efforts so far can be seen in "Taiidani Destroyer.png".

In most of my engineering work I start with the usual X, Y, Z planes and then I can make cuts and such at angles and then work off those angles. In order to do the sweeping back, out, and down of the prow as well as for the turret wings I had to do angles at what I will (in more kind language than I was using last night) call a 'non-standard' view and effectively work outwards in.

But once I figured out how to make the first one, the rest followed in like 20-30 minutes. I am now quite capable of this skill. Huzzah!

Still left are adding the wings, the prow cannon (I assume it's a cannon), thrust vectoring panels on the engines, turrets, random antennae, and then some general neatening up of edges and frills.
Warman1 attached the following images:
taiidani_destroyer.jpg destroyer_-_start_1.jpg
Cool Warman, though if you where having trouble you should have said, i could have given you what i have to work off of, it's even 95% spot on proportions for the silhouette.Still given i'm writing a huge tadanni republic document atm, and thus getting nowhere myself, well done.
Oh it is quite alright, I have yet to learn everything that my cad software can do and this was an excellent learning capability. I had to figure out how to make artificial planes in arbitrary locations. ^^

It has been an interesting exercise with that artwork as a few minor details (namely the shape of the 'wings'Wink do not precisely correlate with the impression provided by the silhouette. So I'm sort of attempting a 'best fit' style between them.

This was mostly a first run that I got through after figuring out the arbitrary plane stuff, I plan to do some tweaking of it this week if I have the time.
@Warman: Fair enough know that myself.

For everyone else. Just got into the .hod files. Goblins and multiple meshes are still a thing, on the Higgy BC at least, gonna go looking at other stuff now.
Sun Tzu
Did you get into the .hod file of the HWR ships? If that is the case, could you give us an idea of the polygon budget for each class of ship?
Yes and no. it was the HWR Higgy BC i opened, but it looks like the HW2 ships have slightly different hod files than the HW1 ones. Specifically i think what's happening is that they kept one of the old LOD's for the lowest detail setting of the ships, but for the HW1 ships created them from scratch, as a result the HW1 ships will load the hardpoint's, but not the mesh's or textures. And the HW2 ships only have a very low detail mesh+texture load in.

Hopefully someone will update cfhod ed soon.
Got some more time last night to work on my destroyer. Mostly finished in terms of the main shape. I just noticed as I write this that I didn't make the engine nacelles as 'thick' as the artwork silhouette wants. >.<

Some details I had to fill in on my own as they are not covered by the artwork in question and a few I had to fill in because the artwork and silhouette actually don't agree on certain aspects of the shape.

Let me know what you think!
Warman1 attached the following images:
destroyer_-_start_2.jpg iso.png top.png left.png back.png forward.png
Sun Tzu
You made the front part shorter than the concept drawing and the fins look thicker. Now a concept sketch is there to be interpreted so it is up to you. Of course it needs more polys.

One important thing we should agree on, preferably with sample HWR ships in front of our eyes, is the thickness of details such as space between ship panels. Detailed mesh, ambiant occlusion and normal maps are great but they may cause big ships look like toys if we do not care about keeping the size of details consistent among ships.
Looking good, warman. Although I do have to echo Sun Tzu's sentiments that the ventral hull planform should be a bit... thicker.

Sort of like the front underside of the Vaygr Carrier in relative proportion. As it sits it looks kind of spindly and flimsy on the front.

Also, an idea... might want to stick a conning tower, antennae, or something between the turrets so it dosen't look too flat-topped, and maybe a few short antennae bits on the engine pods (akin in scope to those of the defender). Minor details.
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