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Deep Run
Bike Week huh? Motorcycles are the best thing since sliced bread for unlimited high speed entertainment Smile
True dat. I loves my Ninja 250
Ford, I don't mean to alarm you, but there are an infinite number of monkey's outside and they want us to go over their screenplay for Hamlet.
Smith and Gaalsien spend the next two weeks reworking our probe drops. During that time, we don?t drop any. Somehow the Vaygr keep finding us. Every jump we make, they follow us. I could understand running into them every once in a while, this deep in their space, but this is getting too frequent for coincidence.

Finally, Gaalsien comes to me and tells me that they?re done. We immediately jump to the first coordinate and prepare to drop a probe. The process of dropping a long-range probe takes time. The probe?s software must be configured to blend with the unique local radiation signals, and to securely send data back to Hiigaran listening posts. As per protocol, we transmit our coordinates to Hiigaran Fleet Command as soon as we exit hyperspace.

Before we finish dropping the probe, Gaalsien announces the inevitable. ?Contact. Thirty-seven by one-two-four, two-hundred kilos out. Same size force as before.?

?I wonder if it?s the same ships every time,? Stevens says sarcastically, then pauses, thoughtful. ?How long ago did we transmit??

?About?half an hour,? says Gaalsien.

?Long enough for a spy to inform them of our position,? I say, catching on, ?and for them to follow us. Shit.? I think a moment, ?Stevens, tell Chief Naabal to cut power to long-range communications. Gaalsien, make us invisible.?

?Aye,? their responses come simultaneously.

?Smith,? I continue, ?Feed the next drop point into the jump computer and charge the core. As soon as communications are shut down, get us out of here.?


But even that doesn?t work. No sooner do we exit hyperspace than the Vaygr follow us, less than twenty minutes later.

?How the hell did they pull that off?? I ask.

?Sir,? Gaalsien is bent over his terminal, ?We still seem to be transmitting?something. It looks like a weak signal, probably not very long range, and encrypted. Looks like its originating from somewhere on the hull, near the port airlock.?

?The repair team must have installed it,? Stevens says angrily.

?How long until the Vaygr reach us?? I ask.

?Half an hour maybe,? Gaalsien answers.
?Get a crew EVA and get rid of that damn transmitter.?

The EVA crew barely makes it. Before they even cycle back into the ship, we jump back to our last coordinates and wait. Four hours later, with no signs of the Vaygr, we continue with probe preparations. Unfortunately, without long-range communications we are incapable of setting the probe up to transmit back home, so we will be the only ones able to get data from the probes until we go home. There?s probably a court marshal waiting when I get home, but fuck it; I don?t belong here anyway.

Over the next three weeks, the sensor net grows and we see little sign of the Vaygr; another week after that we finish the net. I?m in my cabin reading up on rules regarding court-marshals when Stevens calls my room from the bridge.

?What is it??

?Sir, we?ve just received warnings from three separate probes. It seems large Vaygr fleet detachments are on the move toward Hiigaran space. Projected routes have them intercepting just short of the border.?

?Shit, I?m on my way.?

To my surprise, as much as everyone else?s, I begin spouting orders as I enter the bridge. ?Gaalsien, run a systems check of all the stealth systems, I want them operating at full capacity. Smith, condense the data and prepare a burst transmission to Hiigara. Stevens, tell Chief to start building as many probe shells as he can, but don?t build the innards; I want them converted to stealth nukes, as big a yield as he can get.?

Everyone freezes for a moment, surprised, and then begins to move.

I wonder if I?m going to be able to pull this off?
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Ford, I don't mean to alarm you, but there are an infinite number of monkey's outside and they want us to go over their screenplay for Hamlet.
Going for the BSG style feel of looming dread huh? Smile
I guess. I've never really watched BSG (never saw an episode until part way into the second season, and became immediately lost), but I've watched a lot of Stargate SG1, which does the same thing. Also many books. The point being, looming dread=people come back to read it, keeping my self-esteem high.

mwhahahaha, you'll never escape!! :master:
Ford, I don't mean to alarm you, but there are an infinite number of monkey's outside and they want us to go over their screenplay for Hamlet.
Problem with BSG is if you miss just ONE episode, you have no idea what the hell is going on.
"With all this power at its disposal,there is no question that the Beast Mothership is currently the most dangerous vessel in the Galaxy.It is not just a starship. It is a plague come for us all."-Somtaaw Fleet Intelligence.
"We are the Borg
That's why it's addictive finding out what went on while you're away Smile. Tempted to write my own fiction in reply but no one would read it lol. Too much girl stuff (don't blame me only females survive in my family) XD
Sorry its been so long, we've been having a lot of thunderstorms, so the computer's had to stay off.

?Sir,? Gaalsien calls from across the bridge, ?Package has arrived; City is taking up position at the rear of the fleet.?

?Run a check of all stealth systems,? I say. It?s weird; I?ve never sought glory or fame, in fact I?m a bit of a coward, but somehow this snafu is bringing out something new. I wonder how I?ll stand up. ?Stevens, how are those nukes coming??

?We?ve got three ready, sir.?

?Prepare to launch,?

?Aye,? Smith doesn?t bother to look up, ?Target locked, bay doors are open. Probe?s engines have fired. Thirty seconds to engine shutdown.?

Everyone on the bridge seems to hold their breath. This was an extremely delicate operation. We had to launch the nukes without being seen, since any movement we make would bring us out of alignment with the single-beam transmitters, leaving us unable to transmit detonation codes.

?Engines are dead, weapons are adrift. ETA is ten minutes.?

Five minutes later, Gaalsien swears and looks up, ?Sir, one of the weapons is leaking radiation.?

?How bad??

?Bad, sir. I doubt they?ll make it to the target without being seen.? His terminal flashes, ?In fact, I know they won?t. Two fighter wings are moving toward the weapons. Intercept in three minutes.?

?Damn.? I sigh, ?Send the sensor data to Chief Naabal. Tell him to figure out what went wrong and fix it. When the fighters get within range, send the detonation codes. Might as well use the damn things.?

?Aye, sir.?

Just under three minutes later, three stars wink into existence for a moment, then vanish. Before they fade completely, Smith punches a key and we enter hyperspace.

It?s taken us three weeks of trial and error to get these bombs working, but Naabal has finally worked out all the kinks, and we?re just about ready to implement my plan. First, however, the fleet must be warned, so we jump to a border station and transmit all the sensor data we?ve collected, as well as our theories on what will happen. Before the station can reply, we move back into hyperspace.

That was the last of my logs that were saved. From here on, we rely only on my memory, which is not as reliable as I would like.

And that?s how we ended up sitting in the middle of a dust cloud with a launch bay full of home-made nukes, waiting for one of the most massive Vaygr fleets ever assembled to show up, and hoping that we wouldn?t have to face them alone. That evening, Smith, Gaalsien, Stevens, and myself ate dinner in my quarters. It was a celebration of sorts; in the next couple days we?d either be dead, or captured, arrested. Either way, it would be over soon enough.

After two or three hours, I think, Smith and Gaalsien left to sleep. Stevens and I stayed to enjoy a few more drinks. I?m afraid we drank a little too much, and the next thing I remember is being woken by the watch officer at 1000 hours the next morning. I was needed on the bridge. As I sat up, I realized I wasn?t the only one in the bed. I didn?t want to see who it was, even though I knew who it must be. If I had actually done what I was afraid of, I was out of the military for sure, even if we lived. Slowly, I turned to look, and as I feared, Jessica was laying in the bed next of me. At first I panicked, until I realized that both of us were fully dressed in the cloths we had been wearing the night before. It occurred to me we must have both just passed out, which was about when the hangover hit.

While I was slowly coming to grips with all this, Jessica woke up, groggily at first, but upon seeing where she was, she bolted upright, her eyes wide in panic.

?Relax,? I said, grinning a little, ?We?re both still wearing our pants.?

She looked down, noticed just as I had that we were dressed, and then breathed a sigh of relief. ?Oh, thank Sajuuk.?

I got up and walked to the bridge, leaving her to take care of herself. As I entered, Gaalsien turned to look at me, his face grim. ?Sir, three hundred Vaygr ships just exited hyperspace.?

?What!?? That was way more than we had expected.

?Sir, with those many ships flying around, especially since they launched fighters, I can?t get any definite readings, but it looks like there are at least twelve battle barges, with an equal number of City ships.?

?Any sign of our guys??

?None, sir.?

A wave of despair hit me there, a feeling of such hopelessness I found it hard to stand for a moment. I just wanted to run, find a hole, and hide. Every instinct I had from thousands of years of evolution told me to get away from this monster, this destroyer, this personal Apocalypse. But I fought it down, swallowed the bile rising in my throat, and stood. Slowly, I reached for the key on the holo tank that would activate the ship-wide PA. I pressed it down, ?Attention, this is the captain. I?m not going to lie to you, so here it is. We are currently facing down a fleet of over three hundred ships strong. We have no backup, and we can?t possible hope to win, nor to survive except by running. Running, however, is not an option. We may not be able to win, but hopefully, with the grace of Sajuuk, we can hurt them, maybe give the Hiigaran fleet a chance; so we will die with honor, for our homes and our families. I?m sorry it had to end this way. Godspeed.?

The bridge was completely silent when I turned from the tank, every eye on me. Standing in the hatch was Stevens. Slowly, she met my eyes, then raised her hand in a salute. ?It?s been an honor serving with you sir.? As she spoke, everyone else in the room raised their hands to a salute. I guess that?s when I realized that I was more to these people than I thought. When I looked, I was more to myself then I thought. I suppose, then, that a person can only know themselves, truly know themselves, when faced with such a situation that you won?t live to see another day. With this new knowledge, I raised my hand in return, then turned back to the tank.

?Gaalsien, lock us down. Stevens, bring us to full alert, seal all bulkheads. Smith, plot a course for the weapons. I want to hit those barges as hard as we can.?

Everyone jumped into action, and soon twenty-two 26-megaton hydrogen fusion bombs were making their way toward the enemy formation. In 12 minutes the fireworks would start, and then it would all end for us. They would hunt our ship down and destroy use, because all that released energy would wipe out our stealth, and disable our hyperspace core. Dead in the water for all the verse to see, we wouldn?t last five minutes.
Ford, I don't mean to alarm you, but there are an infinite number of monkey's outside and they want us to go over their screenplay for Hamlet.
As an added bonus because it took me so long to do this chapter, here's the specs on the Akron class stealth cruiser.

Background: In an effort to by Hiigaran high officials to learn more about Vaygr fleet movements, the long standing Arbiter hull was again remodeled to fit the purpose of a long-range stealth ship, capable of observing Vaygr movements and transport special operations teams deep behind enemy lines. The standard cruiser armor was replaced with an advanced active camouflage skin capable of mimicking its surroundings. This armor is only 60% as effective as standard armor, but as the ship is not meant to engage in combat, the trade off was deemed acceptable. The design was stripped of all offensive weapons to make room for an extensive antenna array and electronic warfare control computer, as well as a redesigned Exodus-era harvesting beam and small bay for manufacturing parts and equipment in enemy territory.

Appearance: On the outside the Akron looks very similar to the Arbiter, the only notable differences being the cluster of antennas on either side of the forward hull, and the slight bulge midships where the bay is located.

Performance: Because of increased power requirements, the Akron was equipped with a re-tuned version of the Arbiters standard reactor. This means that, despite the extra weight, an Akron can actually outrun an Arbiter if none of the electronic warfare equipment is active, which allows 95% of the reactors output to be diverted to thrust.

Armament: The Akron carries no weapons besides point defense.

Current Ships: There are currently three active Akron-class ships: The Akron, Leopard, and the Cloak of Hiigara. Another, the Pandora, is currently under construction. The location of all active ships is classified at the highest level.

Deployment: Locations are classified, but all three active Akron-class ships are engaged in recon missions in combination with Project Fly On The Wall*.

*More information on Project Fly On The Wall will be distributed as it is made available.
Ford, I don't mean to alarm you, but there are an infinite number of monkey's outside and they want us to go over their screenplay for Hamlet.
I fell behind. Read three of them one after the other Grin: Really awsome. I love the part about the "three stars wink into existence, then vanish"
Thats cool.

300 vagyr ships with TWELVE battle barges. Thats like.....i dont know....a supernovae waiting to happen? pretty scary Hides
May the PDS be with you.
I'm going on a short trip for a school presentation at MIT for the next four days, so I'll put up the next chapter when I get back. After I'm done with this I'm going to do some actual modding, so I probably won't write another. At least, not soon.
Ford, I don't mean to alarm you, but there are an infinite number of monkey's outside and they want us to go over their screenplay for Hamlet.
hrmm... You seemed to have changed from present tense to past tense.
Welcome to the internet
Well, this is the last one.

?Two minutes to target,? Gaalsien whispers, fearful of breaking the hushed silence that had fallen over the bridge.

?Arm warheads,? I replied. A bead of sweat ran down my face. The minutes tick by.

?All weapons have reached target destinations.? One for each barge, four near cities, and the rest spread amongst the larger warships.

?Detonate on my mark,? I took a deep breathe, then let it out, ?three?two??

?Sir, new contacts!? Gaalsien interrupts me, ?Scans show roughly one hundred and fifty ships, FOF tags indicate they belong to the Hiigaran fleet!?

The room erupted with yells of joy, of suddenly realizing that we weren?t going to die, until Gaalsien yelled over the noise, ?They?re heading for the Vaygr fleet, four minutes to intercept, Vaygr are moving to engage. Sir, if we?re gonna detonate those bombs we better do it now.?

?Warn off the fleet and detonate those nukes now!? I yelled back, horrified that the bombs might miss, or worse; hit our own fleet.

Barely visible to the naked eye, but hugely magnified in the holotank and on every screen in the ship, twenty-two massive balls of fire appeared in the Vaygr formation. Instantly, eight of the Battle Barges were incinerated, along with two cities and a large chunk of their capital ship force. When the fireballs vanished, however, the remaining Vaygr easily outnumbered the Hiigaran force.

The Hiigarans launched fighter?s en-masse, which quickly swarmed toward the enemy fleet, closely followed by frigates and cruisers. Behind them came the battle cruisers and the massive Battleships. Missiles and mass driver rounds filled the space between the fleets, and ion beams painted the night blue and yellow. Explosions tore through both fleets, and the hulks of burning ships drifted free.

?Sir,? Gaalsien speaks up, ?A small Vaygr detachment has split off and is heading toward us. There?s too much interference for me to figure out numbers.?

?Smith, get us out of here.?


As we turn to accelerate away a single mass driver round, launched at us from the Vaygr fleet just before the nukes went, smashes into the hull just forward of the bridge. The explosion rips a hole in the forward wall, shrapnel from which tears Smith in half, as well as many of the crew. From our positions behind the holotank, Stevens and I manage to survive the initial explosion and decompression long enough for emergency bulkheads to slam down, cutting the bridge in two and sealing off the leak. Somehow, Gaalsien manages to stay at his post and continue reporting the tiny amount of data the computer could still gather. Another explosion, farther aft, rocks the hull.

?Surviving point defense teams have engaged enemy fighters,? he reports, then coughs up blood, ?More ships incoming.?

Suddenly, the comm. bursts into static, ?Akron? is? 5th? wing? hold? we?re? way.?

?Sir!? Stevens clutches her head, trying to stem the blood flow from a massive gash, ?The ship can?t take much more of this!?

The ship shook again, knocking me against the holotank. The last thing I remember was lying on the deck, and then it all goes black.

Next thing I know, I?m laying in a bed in the infirmary of the Liir-Hra cruiser Redemption, recovering from massive lacerations and a concussion. I learned later that after several wings of enemy fighters and a squadron of frigates broke off to attack the Akron, four wings of interceptors, a pair of Bloodhounds, and the Redemption disobeyed orders to stay with the fleet to instead come and assist us. Along with Smith, 80 of my crew of 92 died in the attack. Gaalsien and I made full recoveries eventually, but Stevens never fully recovered her motor skills, and was honorably discharged after receiving a Purple Heart. I went to Mr. and Mrs. Smith myself to tell them about their son, that he died for his nation. It didn?t make the moment any less bitter.

And, I guess that?s it.

I finish my testimony, and the Admiral speaks, ?Commander Owens, you stand accused of stealing a Navel vessel, and of incompetence that resulted in the loss of 80 personnel as well as the above stated ship. After hearing your testimony, and the testimony of Lieutenants Stevens and Gaalsien, as well as Captain Naabal of the Redemption, I find you not guilty on both counts. However, I have been informed that the psychologists believe you are no longer fit for duty due to post traumatic stress.?

?I would have to agree with them Sir,? I reply, ?I lost a lot of people out there, Sir. I don?t believe that I could handle another command, Sir.?

He considers for a moment, ?Very well. You will be put on reserve for now, until you feel ready to serve again. In the meantime, an investigation will begin on Vice Admiral Manaan. You are all dismissed.?

?Thank you, Sir.? I say. I leave the building and return to my room, where I change out of my uniform. Then I catch a cab to the nearest space port. Its time to go home.
Ford, I don't mean to alarm you, but there are an infinite number of monkey's outside and they want us to go over their screenplay for Hamlet.
That was epic Grin:. Twenty two nukes and still the Hiig's were outnumbered. Then there about to leave and ONE shell basically destroys the ship XD. Tru nough, it was a recon ship, no armor or anything.

Glad that they didnt all get blown up... (all 13 of them). I dont think it mentioned smith recovering from losing his other half Grinead: but oh well.

Think ill copy it all onto word....
Really great.
May the PDS be with you.
Uh...Smith died. Smith died hard.
Ford, I don't mean to alarm you, but there are an infinite number of monkey's outside and they want us to go over their screenplay for Hamlet.
Komo val
Damn it, I must read this once I have enough time.
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