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Question regarding turrets and subsystems
Hello once again, everyone. It has been too long.

I have a question regarding subsystems. In the Complex mod, you are able to construct 'weapons' on subsystem hardpoints such as the frontal points on either side of the Vagyr carrier. I have been working on rewriting the PDS mod to personal (don't worry, nothing is published) statistics for well over six months, and I cannot get the Kaghan to build a turret on its subsystem mount. I have created the new subsystem entry in build.lua and ensured that it did appear in the game buildable under the carrier's build menu. However, the module always stays unavailable. I have set its requirements to "" (nothing in research or fleet modules) in the build file, made the weapon system itself type 'System', and tried to hard-code the turret into the buildable spot (so that it could start with the gun, having potential to be scrapped for a fire-control tower or somesuch), but to no avail.

I am stumped. I'm not at the home PC at the moment, and as such cannot post files until much later in the week. Hopefully my description was!
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