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Death Ride of the 78th Tactical
Yay! *imagines marine frigates returning*
Haruhi is my God(dess).
Would think that a frigate is a bit too large to be a capable assault boarding unit. Sure you can carry more marines to the target but there's a high chance that it will just get swatted by capital ship point defences or even space infantry weapons at close range.

So I propose using high capacity fighters like the LSF as marine assault transports each carrying a fireteam of power armor and basic support facilities. Basically this boat has no life support (pressurisation); the life support are the marines' suits and this unit is a short range disposable assault sled with its own support weapons.
Doesn't work for the HGN though. The Hiigarans, even now I would assume, are few in number, their tactics and ship design generally revolve around maximum survivablilty. There are a few exceptions, but still, that seems to be a consistent theme even in PDS.

The idea of a fast, low value marine transport is sound, but you have to factor in the Hiigaran mindset. It would work, but it's not something they are likely to consider. This sounds more like something the Vaygr would do, with their huge populations and tradition of disposable and highly specialized ship design.

Now, a durable, hi-speed corvette loaded with a full sized frigates worth of EW would be ideal for Hiigaran boarding actions. You're right about the frigate, even if it's fast you'd have to give it a totally absurd amount of hit points for it to be viable in the realm of PDS combat.
Haruhi is my God(dess).
nice story.
i liked this and the "solo" one. Smile

need moar! ;D
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