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Of Saints and Witches
Ishar Nodded, "Yes, Please if you don't mind." He said, moving to a scope. He began ranging targets planet side, large gray dots, most likely missile installations. Julais commented as well. "Probably a good idea to get the HVM up and running, Those are Anti-Orbit installations, I worked on one when I was in the service, They are capable of hitting us before we are in range to hit them, they probably already have us locked." Ishar nodded to Fenris, "Yes, So yeah, heh, probably a good idea."
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The sensor officer had noticed the missile batteries as well. He commed the command station..."Commander, my apologies...Sensors have confirmed the location of several planetary heavy weapons stations..."

Commander Tir'Enoch nodded, even though the sensor officer could not see him. "Very well. Carry on.." The commander keyed his bridge next: "Helm, bring the strikegroup suborbital. Tactical, cycle the thermonukes up and lock them on all important military targets, key for maximum range. Cycle up the CWIS arrays, and divert power from the Crusader systems to the sensors feeding it."

Closing that channel, he then keyed the fleet-wide comm lasers. "Heavy calvary, set formation for a frigate line. Key your CWIS sensors for heat-seeking...intercept anything, civilian or otherwise, that tries to lift from the planet. Main weapons need to watch for the weapon we discussed." That last was a reference to the message he sent earlier.

He closed that channel, and then opened a visual channel to the Shadowed Wanderer. The holographic screen in the front section of the command deck lit up, and began transmitting his image to the other vessel. Commander Benjamin Tir'Enoch stood up, and raised his hand, with two fingers extended straight into the air. He was about 5'10", of slight build, and wearing a standard Vaygr command jumpsuit. His face was angular and handsome, perhaps even a bit gaunt, with his jawline quite clearly defined, and his cheekbones high and just barely protruding. His nose was hawklike, and very proud - the face of a conqueror. His eyes were a stark and clear steely gray, without showing much other details. His hair was straight and short, and of a curious burnished bronze color that reflected mixed colors of red, bronze, and brown in the green light of the bridge. His skin was a darker tone, very well tanned - a true child of the Vaygr...and his face had three tattoos, flame red stripes, that ran from behind his left cheekbone to converge on the left side of his nose. His lips were parted in a half-smirk, but his face betrayed no other emotion. "Well, Commander Julais. What will it be? Should I vaporize this planet? I have but to give the word, and my salvo will finish this already ruined world. Any ties you had will be gone, and you will be Vaygr."

He fell silent, with his arm and hand in the air, awaiting the other's response. He did not react as the first planetary bombardment slowly drifted up from the world below, heavy anti-capital missiles that rocked the strike fleet from sheer concussion even as the other frigates in his squadron moved to intercept the missiles as they flew...
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Fenris nodded and entered a few more sequences into the weapons panel. "Both Hypervelocity Missile Launchers are loaded for atmospheric interception." He then moved to the back of the bridge and opened a scuttle hatch in the overhead, "I'll take care of that tube jam right quick, sir." With that, he grabbed on either side of the opening and pulled himself up into the mantainance passageway.

He laid on his stomach and pulled himself along the tight passageway, dodging piping, wiring, and loading systems for other guns until he made it to the loading system for the MRAM launcher. He reached up to it and took the covering off, setting it aside. Fenris maneuvered to the side of the launcher, to tube three, and shook his head as he reached in and felt around.

"This thing is dirty as hell... No wonder it's jamming up."

He grabbed a device off of his belt and pressed a button, which flashed twice before going off again, at which point he returned it to his belt. In a few seconds, a toolcart came zipping along the overhead of the maintainance tube to his position. He grabbed a few things off of it and proceeded to clean and oil the inside of tube three, as well as the other tubes - might as well not take any chances. Fenris finished up, replaced the tools and dismissed the cart, then pressed a button on the side of the tube. He watched with a satisfaction that could only be shared with others of his kind (weapons operators, that is) as the missiles slid through the tube with ease.

The scuttle popped open in the overhead of the bridge again, and "Coming down!" was heard right before Fenris dropped down onto the deck. He was just in time to see the Commander's visage appear onscreen and catch the last of his words: " salvo will finish this already ruined world. Any ties you had will be gone, and you will be Vaygr."

Fenris slowly reached up and closed the hatch, then moved back to the weapons panel. As he passed Julais, he whispered, "My loyalties lie neither with Vagyr, Hiigaran, or rebel... I am loyal to my captain. That is all that matters in war."
Julais stood up right as Fenris stopped whispering. He nodded to Fenris and turned back Towards the viewer. "There is nothing on this world worth anything to me, but there are atleast ten million vaygr loyalists down there attempting to keep you in power. They are fighting and dying for your cause, for their cause, The least we could do is-" The communication was jammed at that point. Julais panicked and turned about, "Asanya! report?!" She looked at the console. "That red line is being crossed from both directions, We have three pur... ok, Hyperspace signatures. The ships don't register." She said. Julais clinched his fist. "hiigarans.."

Four Arbiter IV Destroyers and one Prince of Hiigara exited hyperspace and slowly started to speed up towards the fleet. "This is odd, I don't remember the POH being able to turn very well.." Ishar said under his breath. Hameil hit the side thrusters allowing the ship to move sideways behind their new destroyer leader. Julais attempted to break through the communication disarray but fell short. Ishar moved forward to Julais. "Sir, hiigarans have never been fans of communication jamming on small scale. They are a little too proud and blunt for that. Plus that Battlecruiser is moving a little too fa-" He stopped as the image appeared to be circling with electricity. Julais stood up. "What the hell is going on." But before any conclusions could be made, the image of the POH was much different, It was infact a Star Centurion, unleashing many missiles from its bays. "Oh... my god."
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Fenris' instincts kicked into gear as his fingers flew across the panel.

"Vampire! Vampire! Vampire! Incoming anti-ship missiles! CIWS turrets online and tracking! Hypervelocity Missile Launchers loading anti-incoming missiles for long range interception, MRAM tubes quickswitching to anti-missile cluster munitions for medium range interception."

Power flickered throughout the ship as combat systems came alive. Generators charged, ammo belts were fed to the turrets, and missiles were loaded.

"We don't have the level of tracking systems as those destroyers, skipper! If we can reestablish comms, we can slave to their systems and -" he cut himself off mid-sentence as his terminal flashed green lights, "All tubes ready! Mark! And away! CIWS set to autofire at any missiles that get though."

The ship rocked a bit and power flickered once again as missiles were snapshotted out of their tubes using a direct energy feed from the reactor.
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The image of the Shadowed Wanderer's bridge fuzzed, and then winked out completely. At the same time, the alarm tied to the hyperspace probe they had launched began to blink furiously, and the sensor officer turned in his seat and shouted up to the command deck, "Contact! Extreme edge of sensor range and closing fast!"

Commander Tir'Enoch turned quickly and lunged for his chair. He sat down and electronically requested a sensor overview, range to target, and the unidentified pursuer's velocity. Their IFF tags put them as Hiigaran, but something was amiss...

Ah. They were moving nearly three times as fast as either a Vaygr or Hiigaran vessel could. That made them Taiidani. And they were launching missiles...

"Command, this is Comm...we're jammed on all frequencies..trying to break through..."

"Command, Tactical. Targets resolve as four CM-1 Taiidani destroyers and a single C-4 battle carrier. Destroyers are moving into a bracket formation; the carrier is closing directly. Only the carrier is in range at the present."


Outside, the frigate line was automatically moving to reform against this new threat. His subordinates were trained well, it seemed...but the Shadowed Wanderer had side-stepped behind them.

The first missiles began to reach the task group. Most were intercepted by CIWS fire from the destroyer. The ones that didn't rocked every ship in the formation violently, but the real damage had yet to come...


The commander tapped the face of the speaker to quickly acknowledge his officers, then commed the helm. "Helm, bring us hard about. Take us behind the station, and then in a line to clear the gravity well - hyperspace a parsec out, any direction. We can only hope the rest of the fleet follows the example." Switching channels, he commed Tactical. "Tactical. Set the four thermonukes we have loaded to timed detonation, twenty seconds. Launch them in a full spread to the locations I have marked on master sensors. Once they are away, configure for anti-capital operations and give me two clicks when you're ready." A click sounded by way of response, and a few key presses later, four vectors appeared on the tactical overlay. Each one represented a direct line to one of the destroyers. The time to target registered as a minute twenty, which was rapidly descending.

The commander finally registered the view outside the ship turning, as his vessel wheeled around and dove for the station. A few seconds later, four great flashes, one right after the other, lit the sky around the planet as the thermonuclear planet wasters detonated in the path of each enemy destroyer, creating a huge field of sensor-screening radiation. The frigates of Commander Tir'Enoch's original battlegroup finally closed in enough to engage the C-4, but they did so haphazardly and without guidance from their commander.

As the heavier guns of the C-4 were brought to bear, the frigates began to falter...
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"...We sank a truck!" - Commander Sherman, Operation Petticoat


The first missiles began to reach the task group. Most were intercepted by CIWS fire from the destroyer.

By "the destroyer" do you mean one of 'your' destroyers, or the Wonderer (which is a frigate)?
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OOC: My destroyer - Commander Tir'Enoch's mount. The other frigates, including the Shadowed Wanderer, are 'behind' the destroyer, relative to the incoming Taiidani, and thusly out of range for close-range weaponry. The Taiidani in PDS favor antimatter warheads, and they are not that accurate, so the ones that slip through our nets are going to at the very least shake the strike group.

A frigate line is better for screening out fighters and targeted missiles, but relies on 100% anti-munitions screening to be effective. Since they can't (their engines are facing the enemy, not their guns) they are at a distinct disadvantage in the current situation.
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"...We sank a truck!" - Commander Sherman, Operation Petticoat
Finally I see a properly semi-realistic/believable RP on this website after 3 years Smile
Julais Sat down, holding his hands together. Everyone on the bridge seemed to be looking towards him. "Alright, Lets do this." His eyes Glared like an eagles upon the display of the Quaar Jet II. The ship had just moved beyond the range of their Destroyers for cover. The first heavy shell moved between the Two hulls of the Allied Destroyer, Smacking into another Frigate. Hamiel looked on in horror as the ships lights started to flicker, Followed by pods launching off the sides. The explosion happened so soon afterwards that the pods were all vaporized. "That is not going to be our fate." He said. Julais responded. "Get us close.. We gotta do something now!" He said loudly. The Frigates engines started to light up. It was a bit faster than an average Spahi II Frigate with a few more guns added as well. The Frigate maved left to right, evading Two Large rounds from the Cruiser itself. "Get us closer, keep us going." Julais said. Ishar started to sweat, not knowing why they weren't firing back. "Mr Fenris! Make sure all Tubes are loaded and all weapons are ready, mr Ishar will be going manual with the Forward Coil Gun, Keep this bird alive.." Julais said. It was obvious fenris was doing it good too, Every time Ishar put a round into an incoming missile, immediately afterwards, the light shown ready. The large forward 200mm Cannon was on manual use, Ishar surveyed the area, Ever so often getting a glimpse of the monster they were diving for. The flash of Shells flying by was ever more prevailing. The Cruiser had indeed stopped and was attempting to allow the Destroyers to catch up.

Perhaps they realized their mistake. Behind the Frigate was two others who had joined in the rush. Julais looked to His new Admiral, to see if he had joined the run as well.
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OOC: W00t, praise!

Commander Tir'Enoch had in fact not joined the rush. He had different plans. His distraction with the thermonukes had not only held off the Taiidani wolves but thrown them into complete disarray as well. Their ship was behind the station, and the anti-capital missile were loaded and ready. Keying both the helm and Tactical, the commander snapped, "Helm! Bring us around the station and align the Crusader. Sight their engines, if you please. Tactical, redirect CIWS power to the Crusader lance. Target their engines; full salvo from the flechettes and heavy missile batteries." Commander Tir'Enoch sat back in his chair. Now that the shock of the Taiidani surprise attack had worn off, it was business as usual - and their armor was much thinner than anything the Crusader had been designed to kill.

Four loud thumps heralded the launch of their heavy missile salvo, which were followed by the spitting of the flechette turrets above and below the ship. His gunners were good - each shell impacted the engine housing of the C-4, and the missiles that were not intercepted with CIWS fire rattled the enemy vessel. Hull plating in and around their engines buckled under the impacts.

"Command, this is Tactical. Crusader capacitors read as fully charged. Helm reports that the firing solution is 96% accurate and locked in. Outside conditions nominal - nothing out there to disperse the beam."

"Command, this is Damage Control. Sensors show no incoming missiles - go Crusader hot." For the firing of Crusader PL would drain their main batteries for several seconds, leaving them vulnerable to missiles and heavier ballistics.

Commander Tir'Enoch nodded, even though his officers could not see him, and keyed Tactical once the reports stopped coming in. "Tactical, this is Command. Fire the Crusader." There was a flash, and then the viewports darkened to spare all of their eyes from the glare...


Outside, a deep hum resonated throughout the ship as the capacitors poured colossal amounts of energy into the reaction chamber that lay several decks below. Static electricity that bled through the magnetic shields lifted hairs on the crew's bodies. Between the sloped hulls of the ship, there was a brilliant explosion of light as the plasma beam broke through containment in the firing chamber and tore through space to impact the enemy C-4's engine section, near the weakened section of hull armor. Smaller pieces were simply vaporized, and the larger ones broke away in flaming superheated chunks...
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"...We sank a truck!" - Commander Sherman, Operation Petticoat
As the Shadowed Wonderer Drew ever closer to the now madly firing Centurion, A bright flash dimmed their sights, Ishar Pulled away from the Scope as the light coming from it shined a circle on the ceiling above him. Hameil pushed the throttle forward and gunned the ship upwards. "What the hell was that?!" Julais yelled. Ishar pointed. "Crusader array, Quite effective." Asanya reported as well, "The rear section of that Cruiser is on fire, sir, Uh.. their destroyers are turning back." Julais smirked. "Now it's time to strike, I sure hope mr Fenris is on his game, it's about to get pretty bumpy.

The ship rocked forward as the two frigates beside them started opening fire. The first frigate opened up with its heavy missiles and Flachette turret fire. The shells impacted the initial line of armor, weakening it. At that time the Shadowed wonderer Dove downwards upon the top side of the cruiser. "all batteries! fire at all!" Was heard over the intercom.. and seconds later the hull began to shake from the massive release of munitions. The top of the Quaar Jet II was bombarded with shell fire, then missile hits on their front ion cannon turret, blowing it off the hull.. Another missile made its way into the top side observation bridge, taking it from a beautiful bluish green lighted look to a Orange fireball. "Keep up the fire!" Julais yelled right as a frigate who was making a pass in front took a direct hit from the quaar jets Ion cannon. The View of the ship turning inside out before becoming a bright red flash was sickening. As the ship reached the top of its loop, it turned back down, to do another run on the top of the Centurion.. They seen a cloud of red debris and electrical surges from it. "We need to kill this thing now, we need more firepower.." Julais said.

Hameil looked at him. "Just wait till we get that destroyer!" Ishar Replied afterwards, "well, we gotta survive until then first.. Mr Fenris, load all tubes with Anti-surface A-D munitions.. their armor is weak now, This should be pretty."

Julais cringed at the idea of using Oxygen Vaporization weapons on a ship, but then again, burning a planet alive is not much better.
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You guys got some feedback in the shoutbox saying that it's "kooky wierd stuff" you're doing and that PDS should have more pretty flashy things.

I would like to confirm that this RP is -the- direction PDS should go because as I stated in the Granado Espada community I "live" in, where games come and go, works of art and literature like RP are forever.

I don't need people to like the pretty flashy stuff, everyone has eye candy in games these days. I'd like some appreciation of the mechanics under the hood, so to speak, and you're doing an excellent job so far.
Commander Tir'Enoch watched the devastation with a kind of detached irritation, like one who might be surveying an offending patch of weeds in an otherwise immaculate lawn. Keying the comm, he said, "Tactical. Status report on the Centurion."

"Command, Tactical. Their engines are offline and venting plasma. Their main batteries have slowed - power generation is at 40% and decreasing."

Once again, the commander nodded even though his officers could not see him. Keying on the helm channel as well, he said, "Helm. Sight the bridge tower of the Centurion. Tactical, divert all remaining weapons power to cycle the Crusader again. There should be enough remaining in the flechette turrets for that." A chorus of clicks sounded by way of response and the channel closed. At the same time, a frigate crossed the space between the commander's ship and the floundering Centurion - the Shadowed Wanderer, which proceeded to strafe the front of the enemy vessel with its heavy guns. The damage was immense; the frontal ion turrets imploded under the fire, and the upper nose was torn off. The frigate continued to spin over the top of the embattled vessel, firing all the way. As it completed its manuever, gas, fire, and electricity spewed from multiple hull breaches and ruined weapons stations. Commander Tir'Enoch commed the helm and Tactical again. "Belay that last, gentlemen. I don't believe that the enemy cruiser will be of any threat to us. Cycle down the Crusader; all weapons power back to the turrets and missile stations. Configure for multiple targets." More clicks, and the channel closed...

"Command, this is Comms. We've finally broken through the jamming."

"Command, this is Sensors. The radiation clouds are dissapating. The enemy destroyers are turning away."


"Good. Secure from combat stations, but keep a watchful eye. Taiidani destroyers can't turn very well - we'll have plenty of warning." He called up the master situation, and glanced at it...then screwed his eyes shut. There were no contacts on the screen, save that of the Wanderer, the burning Centurion, and the Taiidan making for the edge of the gravity well. He stood up and walked to the viewport and looked out into space...

There was a large cluster of debris in the area, from both sides. An engine section from one of the frigates tumbled through space, sputtering engine gas intermittantly. Smaller objects with two arms and two legs floated in the dark alongside unidentifiable metallic debris. One of the frigates was mostly intact, but its bridge tower had been shot away and the front-right section had taken a direct hit from one of the heavy massdrivers, leaving a huge crater that reached deep into the bowels of the ship. Electrical fires could be seen in the crater as the frigate spun slowly away towards the planet. Nothing else was recognizable - the huge shells from the Taiidani vessel had seen to that.

The commander started to turn back to his command console, but stopped in mid-turn and looked back out into space again. His fist clenched tightly, and blood seeped through his fingers and spattered onto the deck. He turned away, and returned to his command station. Keying the comm again, his voice was thick with emotion, he said, "Damage Control, this is there any chance...any chance at all...that our brothers can be rescued from those wrecks?"

There was some hesitation, and then a quiet reply came over the comm. "No sir. Not a chance. There were no crew in the engine section, and the other explosively decompressed on all decks. There was no time for the blast doors to close..."

Commander Tir'Enoch sighed. "Very well." He switched channels. "Sensors. Are there any survivors on that Centurion?"

"Yes sir. A few in the forward fire control, several in the hanger control, and some in the medical bays."

"Very well." The commander closed the intership channel, then opened the fleetwide. "Commander Julais. Do you have ship-to-ship boarding capability?"
"...We sank a truck!" - Commander Sherman, Operation Petticoat
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