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Of Saints and Witches
Freedom Always comes with a price.


Location: Planet, Muradok/ City, St Kudaar.

"Is this thing even o-... Ah yes, the blinking light." Another voice is heard. "Look, turn up the volume already!" The first voice is heard again, "I did! everything we have said is burning up valuable time on this thing." The other mutters, "Didn't have to get so rude about it."

"This is Julais Nuvarra. I am the Captain of the Ship Shadowed Wonderer. Some say our nation has been destroyed, others say it is soon to be.. but me, heh, I am on my way to fame and glory! For tomarrow, we leave for the Strait of sorrow. The Wonderer will join up with three other ships as we begin our pilgrimage across the stars!"

The other voice jumps in. "Could you possibly be more dramatic? I mean, it's not like when we listen to this in ten years that it will really grip my attention.." The other voice blares into blatant sarcasm, "Captain of the ship Shadowed wonderer! why not be like our fallen savior makaan! be a prophet too!"

Julais retorts, "You know, You don't have to come. you are my brother, but that doesn't entitle you to treat me like trash! now come on, this is our first step. I won that ship fair and square, you should be happy about it!"

The brothers voice replies. "You played Who ever kills the other gets the ship.. anyone with a hidden pistol could win at that."

Julais at that point set the recorder down, firmly clicking the off switch. He looked at his brother and smirked. "Y'know, Hameil, You wouldn't be in this mess if you hadn't smacked the guy in the back of the head in the bar." Hameil started laughing, "Ha, I swear it was an accident."

The two laughed a bit more before looking out of the rooms window. The third floor in a poor apartment. Boxes were strewn everywhere. Bags with clothes made the decor up for the most part. "We actually have a shot to get off this rock." Hameil said, staring off out of the window. "I just wonder which ship we got today."

Julais looked out the window as well, his Dark complexion glistening against the Dual moonlight of the nights sky. Rain drops hit the window softly distorting their view of the Dockyard beyond. Above the tree line a faint object could be seen floating like an angel in the nights sky. The Muradok Shipyard, A bustling hub of Colonial activity. The Yard itself was one of the last stops before hitting the barrier beyond Vaygr control, Beyond safety. Everyone heard of Turanic raiders and Hiigaran patrols, but the only thing that scared Julais was the Alessian Hunter-Killers that no one seems to ever find. They appear, and like wild dogs, they vanish.

Wild dogs is what they called them. Not the night stalkers that taiidan pilgrims refer to them as. Julais sat back down and began reading through the paperwork he got off of the Dead officer, who was propped up in the bathroom Tub. "The Shadowed Wonderer, I wonder why he named it that.. Sakalo Patraitau, A Taiidan captain?" Hameil looked closely at the name. "Looks more like Ittar or something. Still, I bet it's a simple corvette or something, maybe a frigate if we're lucky. Seriously brother, look at his outfit."

Julais looked in at the body again. A Solid blue coat with bright orange cuff links. Numerous badges and pins were seen but the pants and undershirt were poor and tattered. Julais had speculated before that perhaps This gentleman in question had killed the man before him. Having the ships registration meant you were the captain, at least as far as the spaceport was concerned.

As dawn broke, light shot fourth bringing about a massive glow from the reflections off of windows. A dark and blank space became a massive spectacle. fifty story Sky scrapers reached high into the sky. Massive Space elevators shot upwards as if in pure defiance of gravity itself. Hameil and Julais left the room, propping the Ex Captain up in a seat facing the window. Julais left him as is, his coat and all, a tribute to what he thought the man "Earned".
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It sounds like a pioneering family escaping from oppression in their original place of residence, resorting to assassination to secure a place amongst the colonial fleet. Maybe prospects out there appear good in what amounts to a lawless land fraught with hazards, but they will learn yet that however oppressive one's own culture may be, it provides that valuable safety barrier one can hide behind in times of trouble.

This is intended as a RP thread for me, for which I am very thankful. Let me try to come up with a plot that matches this one Smile
This is a great story so far. Thanks! Independent ship's stories is of great interest to me. Especially in regards to their opinions of the current star nations. Really helps you get the idea.
A few hours had went by as the two made their way towards the massive lights of the downtown area. Massive lights held up by even more massive steel beams. Huge Signs with arrows pointing to doors, also elaborately lighted. A red light district was where they ended up. the furthest from home they had ever been. Massive Towers reaching above the clouds lay straight ahead. They did little for Hameil, who was too busy staring at the ladies on the poles, going high into the ceilings. Julias did his best to keep Hameil focused but the girls continued to beckon him. Through their windows wearing close to nothing at all.

"Come on man, look, we got his wallet, Two hundred Makaans! that's alot of currency! come on.." Hameil said. His eyes as wide as some of the ladies legs. "Look! she pointed at me!" Hameil said, his mouth wide and the glisten from drool visible. "Look Hameil, we don't have the time, we have to get to the ship before authorities find out we murdered the guy.."

Hameil immediately snapped out of his sex craved mood and turned to fear. "Do you think they'll find out?" Hameil said, his voiced hurried and full of fear. "Well, It's not really the police I'm worried about, it's who ever actually owns that ship.. It was a contracted and leased ship." Julais claimed. "Look Hameil, we have to be as careful as we can be.." Julais said, right before the gunshot was heard. "there they are!" Hameil screamed loud and dove into a brightly lit door way. Julais ducked down and started to run to his right. A ricochet was seen by him right by his feet. He turned to go to his left when another ricochet was seen. He began to panic and dove through the door Hameil was hiding behind.

Julais slowly raised up, holding a large metal rod he found on the ground tightly. Hameil took off running into the bar, attempting to blend in. The first man walked through the back door, holding a small caliber pistol. Julais stood still, holding the bar close. Light only shined upon half his face, and it flashed on and off due to the fan between him and the dim light. A second man stepped into the room holding a SMG. Julais struck the man in the head. He grabbed the gun from the falling mans hand and fired a short burst into the man in front of him. A loud collected scream was heard from the bar itself. hameil dove to the ground followed by many other patrons. Hameil slowly crawled towards the back room when he was stopped. He felt a hand grab his collar. "So, like a dog is it?" Hameil looked up at the man and a tear was visible. Hameil looked down to see one of the strippers had firmly planted her heel into the mans testicles. "You aren't my owner anymore!" She proclaimed as Julais moved through the back room into the building itself.

He stood there holding a SMG and a pistol, looking onwards as Hameil grabbed the Mans pistol. "Thanks?" Hameil said as the woman moved close. "If you had been purchased at age 12 to strip in one of these clubs.. you'd be rather happy to take a shot at him too." She said, while looking down at the man. "You are a bad person." she looked up at hameil. "I really have no where else to go now."

"I guess we all have that proble-" julais was cut off when he heard sirens. "We gotta go." Julais said. Hameil got up and started to run when the girl followed. "Look, I have no where to go, please let me come with you." She said. Julais frowned. "Fine, here." and threw her a pistol. "Lets get to the ship before they come back." Hameil said.

The three made off into the backalleys before the Authorities arrived. Their figures turning into shadows, and then mixing into the blackness itself.
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-The Sniper-


17:00 hours.

Lower Sub Districts, St Kudaar city,

The Dark circle was only shown through by the bubble effect of the view through what sight was the mans on the other end. Small pin prick Cross hairs lined up steadily over peoples heads, "sheep" was the only word for them. The fast motion blur was enough to make most men sick but this ones solid resolve was to over come this. The blur quickly stopped and it slowly gained focus, Brass pins.

"So, A lieutenant?" The voice muttered, raspy and arrogant. "Where's your boss..." The View turned to a blur again.. Moving past Dark browns and light browns, some shapes easily discernible, but most just going by too fast. A glint is seen and the blur stops again. "Ah yes, General.. We meet again." The man says again. He sits back away from his rifle, grabbing a range finder and leaning to the side. "Six Kilometers... Damn." The man leaned back against the rock laded wall. Dust swirled around as he stared out the window.

He took his rifle and slowly folded the stock, not making any sound but a few light clicks. The barrel of the rifle is unscrewed and inserted into a duffel bag. The base of the rifle is also pushed into it. A light orange reflection is seen every few seconds, reflections of his mouth and the cigarette in it. The last thing heard is the door slowly creaking shut.

---- 21:00 hours.---

Julais Snuck around the side of the barbed wire fence. Hamiel was still in a state of panic from their earlier event. "Come on, get the damned cutters hamiel." Julais said, noting the obvious panic on his brothers face. "here!" Hamiel said in a upward tone, tossing the Cutters to Julais.

A few minutes later, silence had befell them, The stripper, Asanya, was busy cutting a fruit into three portions, Hamiel was standing up with the SMG they looted earlier and Julais was still cutting the links, one at a time. "take some fruit" Asanya said. Hamiel looked down, seeing her cleavage. He paused for a moment and blinked, shaking his head slightly, "yeah.. yeah, thanks." He reached down and took the fruit, downing it in just a few bites. "So what did you do before this?" She said. Hamiel was smirking at the time. "We were soldiers... For the FES." She looked down, "FES? Must have been that civil war on this world before it turned vaygr?" She replied. "I see you read your history!" Hamiel said, "Yeah, About fifteen years ago, I was Twelve, and a front line soldier for the Free Ebaron State, against pretty much the rest of the world. social order collapsed after the most powerful nation at the time decided to start a war with a lesser.. Everyone seen it as an opportunity and Nuclear warheads flew.. Millions died but hate didn't stop there. " She looked down, grabbing another fruit. She slowly inserted the Knife, A small bubble of juice came up onto the knife. "What did you do before you came here?" Hamiel said. "Well, seeing as I was sold as a child, I don't remember my parents but, I remember liking space ships at an early age.." She sighed and turned her eyes skywards. "That's where we are going.." Hamiel said, confident. "HA!" Julais proclaimed, pointing at the Arm size hole he had finally made.

"Might be a long night."

I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
---11.27.9887, 09:00Hrs.---

The arm hole earlier was as large as a man, and only fruit seeds and leaves were seen on the ground. Further up, behind a wall, Hamiels eyes were seen, gazing intently on a gaurd down range. Behind him a crowbar was laying on the ground next to a padlock that had been broken. Inside, Julais had just finished grabbing a number of rifles and grenades from the racks. "What do you prefer Asanya? Shotgun or Rifle.." She pointed to the Machinegun behind him. "Why can't a girl.."

Alarms sounded as hamiel rushed across the field, toting a larger assault rifle at this point. He held the Rifle up, sighting it upon a man running towards him with a pistol. He slowly pulled the trigger. The loud pop was heard followed by a quick jolt by the man with the pistol. A large puff of red smoke was seen, sending other soldiers towards cover. Julais held up his Scoped Assault rifle, firing a three round burst into a mans head, who was barely peering from the side of a stack of pallets. Hamiel stood up and ran for a Building. Upon reaching it, another man rushed out with an smg. three Pops were heard and the man fell. Hamiel switched to full Auto and fired four rounds into the window, followed by a grenade.

The explosion sent glass everywhere. Three men ran when Asanyas sights found them. The Chatter from the Automatic fire sent the base into an uproar. Gun fire from the inside of the city was heard, Other Veterans of the FES had been pre warned. "Hurry!" Hamiel yelled as Julais propped up an AT rifle. "a 30mm Rifle, this is completely fun in every way!" Julais proclaimed, as a mans arm disintegrated from his body. He fired another Round into a truck, blowing it off to the side where it went into three wheels, then rolling on its side. Soldiers ran to their trucks to get into the city, where another civil war seemed close.

Hamiel moved into a building and hid, as did Asanya and Julais. All they heard was gunfire from the outside, chatter from machineguns and explosions, most likely from tank rounds. Vaygr Fighters flew over every few seconds, laying down the occasional missile into a building. "We gotta get that corvette if we wanna get outta here." Julais said to Asanya. She replied, "We should get Hamiel first.. dont ya think?"
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
----11.27.9887. 10:30hrs

Hamiel was quick to raise up, after seeing Julais enter the building. "NO!" Julais yelled as the General Grabbed Hamiel, pulling him close againt a pistol. A shot was heard and Julais closed his eyes. The slump was heard and julais opened his eyes, realizing the shot wasn't as loud as he thought it was going to be. Hamiel was standing still, shaking and wide eyed. "I heard the bullet enter his face.."

The three sat down, staring at the bullet hole in the window. It was clean and perfect. "You're very lucky, Hamiel." Julais said. Hamiel only leaned forward. Staring at his shoes. A dark shadow moved over them. A man standing with a crew cut and bright green eyes. "You're lucky, From my angle it looked like you two were standing next to eachother, I was aiming to hit your head, then that bastard generals.

"Then why haven't you shot us already?" Hamiel said to the man. "Because when you ducked down, I seen the FES pin on your collar." The man said gently. "What's your name?" Julais asked. "My name is Ishar." Julais stopped for a moment. "You fired the shot that killed General Sepop in the FES war?!" Ishar didn't reply but merely pointed to the general on the ground, then at the corvette. "We better move before a vaygr task force arrives.

The four boarded the corvette and lit the engines. Asanya Gazed out a window, seeing the smoke billowing from the now blacked out city. "good riddance." The Corvette Accelerated And broke the atmosphere. Upon breaking orbit, the massive orbital facility was seen, along with an armada of vaygr transports. In birth 24, the one in the registration paper, A Vaygr Assault Frigate sat darkened. "you think that is it?" Ishar said quietly. " Hamiel, trying not to spoil Julais mood. "Not too big is it."
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
---11.27.9887. 10:40hrs---

---Muradok Shipyard, Berth #24, aboard the Shadowed Wonderer---

"Bring it down a bit. Down... just a little to port. There we go. Sealing it up."

Gunner's Mate 1st Class Fenris Weaver reached up with one suited hand and hit a button on the locking ring of the 90mm cannon that had just been lowered onto the Spahi II Assault Frigate, Shadowed Wonderer. A loud 'thunk' resonated through the structure of the ship as the locking ring slid into place and sealed the inside of the ship from the harsh vacuum outside. He floated backwards in the maintainance tube that ran along the spine of the ship and keyed his communicator again.

"Kal, bring up the ammo feed and mount."

A quiet hiss, and a pedestal (responsible for feeding ammo to the hungry weapon and providing a link to the ship's systems) rose from the 'floor' of the tube and connected to the underside of the gun and locking ring.

A young voice crackled in his ear, "Green 'cross th' board, Weav'"

Fenris sighed with relief. They were the last ones on the ship - everyone had long since gone dockside on liberty. "That does it boys, that's the last one. Thank Makaan. Kal: run the checks, start the O2 generators and turn on the gravity. I'm sick of this suit. I'll make sure that Supply has brought the last of the ammo over. Hey, make sure when you head dockside that you let Chief know we're done. I'll be over in a minute."
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A piece of hull metal drifted through the endless voids of space. It had no special characteristics, save that its edges were jagged and blackened, and the plating was pitted as if it had been subjected to a sand blaster. It had tumbled through this solar system for almost a century, ever since the first days of the great First Invasion and the utter destruction of the Hiigaran outpost that once called this backwater home. None could know which side that metal had fought for - and been destroyed for, or the people that had lost their lives when it failed.

A pale green light illuminated the darkness, then vanished. The debris, slow and stately, altered course towards the new and subtle source of gravity that had caused the light. A moment or two passed, and then many fainter light sources now brightened its surface as it neared the first object, and...


The bridge tower of the aging Achaemenes fleet destroyer was finally settling down, the brief excitement of hyperspace jumping losing its momentum amongst the crew, as the final checks completed and the other ships in their small flotilla checked in for the thousandth (or was it ten-thousandth?) time. The commander surveyed the immediate area visually, and sighed. How many star systems had been just like this one? A couple of planets, a rebellious civilization here and there, and a distant sun carelessly fueling it all. Worse, FC had not rated this system worth more than his tiny strike group, so once again he was flying into a hostile area with about a quarter of the resources he would have wanted.

Commander Tir'Enoch was no fool. He knew that this was his punishment for rising too quickly throughout the ranks of Vagyr society - being a man and a young one (26) at that - and that the matriarchs had decided to dispel his success by giving him a dead-end assignment. He wasn't even a commander by rank!

Gazing out the viewports again, his eye caught motion - a small piece of drifting metal that was slowly but surely coming towards him. He looked to his softly glowing green sensor panel for specifics, but they showed all clear. He sighed again, a-

*THUNK. ScREEeeceh..*

His eyes flicked back to the 'port, and saw that the hull debris had hit the transparent durasteel and scraped along it for a moment, then parted contact to continue its endless waltz alone. A soft hissing sound filled the command deck for the split second prior to the hull breach klaxon blaring. Commander Tir'Enoch sighed, overrode the alarm, and glanced towards the stairwell were the repair team was surely on its way. They arrived a moment later, but the commander was once again distracted - his eyes followed the piece's flightpath until he could not make it out against the blackness that surrounded it, and thought it was a good metaphor for Vagyr power - merely a ghost that had been cast adrift in the voids of time, never again to have purpose or honor.

The routine checks had finally stopped coming in, and all was clear. Signaling his comm center, he paused a moment to allow his officer to open a hailing channel before speaking the formal challenge, then said, "Muradok Shipyard, this is Commander Benjamin Tir'Enoch of the Vagyr 524th Heavy Calvary. We have come to your system for a dual purpose - resupply and reinforcement in the form of an Assault Frigate berthed at your docks and supplies for our vessels, and also to quell the growing uprising that forms on your planet. We await your response." He made a slashing motion at his throat, and the line click-hissed to signal its death. Glancing over to his XO, he said, "Bring the fleet to full combat alert. I have no intention of repeating our last uprising..."

The lights dimmed and their bodies felt lighter as power was redirected from stationkeeping to the guns and missile batteries - and once again, his bridge was in an uproar. Countless readiness reports from the other ships streamed in one by one, and when the last one came, Commander Tir'Enoch keyed helm control on his command console and said, "We're not stopping for the harbormasters. This is Vaygr space. Move us into weapons range of the station."


The five vessels moved on towards the station, their commander forgetting completely about the debris impact as his thoughts turned towards the possible fight ahead. It was just as well; he might have been saddened by the fate of the debris that he had felt such an attachment to. For a century it had floated through the solar system, untouched by asteroid, comet, meteor, or device, but it could not avoid the computer-guided destruction of a 90mm point defense gun on the nose of a passing Spahi frigate; a burst of cannon fire vaporized it, the gunner responsible won a bet, and the ships continued on as if nothing happened.
"...We sank a truck!" - Commander Sherman, Operation Petticoat
The Communications Corvette Slowly Lurked towards the frigate, reaching a small opening in the bottom of the hull of the ship. It was very common for Frigates and above to carry a single comms corvette, a backup in case of emergency. Yellow lights turned green as the small loading bay was cleared for the ship to dock. Lights shown the short path to the docking clamps, a suddenly thud was heard, followed by a high pitched whine and another metal clanking sound. "Boy I hope they don't want to kill us." Hameil Said with a grin.

A giant magnetic Panel attached to the top of the corvette followed by a enclosed Shaft. Air was pumped into the shaft until a hissing sound emerged from the top of the hull. Julais stood underneath, holding the Smg they had "borrowed" earlier. Ishar slowly turned the wheel on the hatch, holding his scoped Rifle in his other hand. A cloud of white smoke came through as the seal broke, temporarily blinding them to their surroundings. They ducked down and held their guns steady as the smoke hastily dissipated. Julais looked up to see a completely empty shaft. "huh.."

The four climbed the shaft slowly until reaching the bay doors themselves. Upon reaching them and opening them, four men stood opposite from them. "I presume you're the captain?" Said the man. Julais stepped fourth. "Yes, I have the ships pa-" He was cut off by the man. "Papers don't mean shit, You actually got to the ship, that says alot in its own right. They call This world the Captains Bane. Many ships change captains more than once here." Julais looked down at the papers and the badge he had removed from the previous mans lapel. "I... Well that makes sense."

The man started walking with Julais and the others. They passed the ammunition dock. "what are they doing there?" Hameil said, intrigued by all the movement. "Well, We bought a couple 90mm Cannons for the side mounts, we were told to try em out before we sold this hunk. Apparently the man who owned this before had struck a deal to trade it for a Skaal Tel Destroyer. Apparently All the weaponry on this ship was supposed to come with us. I guess the man just likes Vaygr frigates. I am not one to complain." He said ending it with a smirk.

Ishar leaned over to Julais, "A frigate for a destroyer? I doubt it'd be that easy.." Julais sighed as he knew Ishar was correct. Hameil stood staring at the men loading ammunition into the hull, he had never seen such precision before, such large operating machinery.

Upon reaching the bridge, Julais sat down, staring off out the main Viewer. "What is our status" he said, as he looked on at Hameil. "Well, uh.. this panel shows alot of green dots, oh, oh! I see a number! Six!." Ishar moved to Hameil. "Look, see that panel you're staring at? This green dot is Short range sensors, this is long, and this is multi-spectral. This number is the number of contacts being sca-... Wow, Look at that."

Julais stood up and told the other man to magnify on the ships ahead. "Never seen a real Destroyer before, I sure as hell hope they don't know what we did." Julais said. He started to panic and sat down, holding his hand over his mouth. Ishar moved in, "Well, If anyone is gonna get slammed for this, it'd be me." Hameil was quick to interject. "Well, Atleast we have thrusters, This control lay out is very similar to the old fiikan Scouts we stole that time."

Julais sat down and smirked, "Ok, we have a pilot, what about a weapons officer." Ishar smiled real big and moved to that position. Asanya went ahead and sat at the sensor board and stared at it, attempting to memorize the different controls and warnings. "We have how many men onboard?" Julais said to the man. "Well, we have about twenty-five right now, with about fifteen more on the way.. This ship should run with about fourty.. and this destroyer would take maybe eighty, Where are we to get these crews?" Julais smirked a bit. "Well, I think I may know a way... oh and anyway, I'm Julais, what's your name?" The other man smiled. "Names Sal."
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
Fenris crawled through the maintainance shaft through the ship until he got to the bridge area. He heard the shuffling of feet above him and looked up at the top of the shaft - his crew had supposedly left. Perhaps the new captain had arrived?

He reached up and knocked twice on a scuttle hatch above him, yelled "Comin' up!" and opened it. He put a hand on either side of the hatch and hoisted himself up - a bit of a task, still in the suit with gravity restored. He closed the hatch behind himself and faced what he assumed was the ship's new owner.

"You're the skipper, I'm assuming?" He stood at attention, "Gunner's Mate First Class Fenris Weaver, reporting. Weapons and tactics for the Wonderer, here," and he held a crisp salute to his new commanding officer.
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The 524th settled into missile range of the station.

"Comm, any response from the station?" asked the commander. "No sir, not yet." The commander shook his head. "I might have expected as much - there is no discipline in these backwater systems. Hail the garrison on the planet instead. I want to talk to the leader of this freak show."

"Comm channel open, Commander."

"Vaygr garrison, this is Commander Tir'Enoch of the 524th heavy calvary. I wish to speak to the person in charge." A pause, waiting for a response...a pause that grew longer, and longer still. Finally..."...*kzzt*...rrison commander. What do you want?...*kzzt*...eard of your impendin..*kzzzt*...rival - stay in orbit and do your job!" Tir'Enoch quirked an eyebrow. So, he thought he could be disrespectful just because he outranks me on paper, does he? Instead of voicing that thought, however, he voiced another one entirely. "What I want is for you to fix your damn communications laser, Sub Commander. If, however, you need help in this matter, click your comm twice and I will dispatch a launch with a specialist." He waited for a second, and then motioned for the line to be cut. He would get nothing useful from the ground leader. Once again, he was forcibly reminded of the inferior officers put into service these days, and how desperate and on edge each one of these border outposts were - the very fact that he was here to help scare the populace into obedience instead of a Titan of Fire-led phalanx of Vaygr armor attested to it. I'll be fortunate if I'm not laughed at by the harbormasters...

Out of the corner of his eye, he saw a light flare on his comm officer's board, then heard the click of the channel opening. "*kzzt*...ahem. Vaygr commander, this is the garrison. Be advised that the local authorities found the body of the Shadowed Wonderer's registered captain on the third floor of a poor apartment complex. We...could not find any evidence of the killers, Commander." Commander Tir'Enoch noted with some annoyance that it had taken the threat of discipline from orbit to change his tone - ground commanders were always supposed to suborn to the spacers, simply because the spacers had the harder job. (It was in no small part because the Vaygr are space-faring nomads, either.)

The commander checked his sensor readout. Systems aboard the Wanderer were reading as human-habitable and active, with an indeterminate number of life-signs. His gaze shifted to and locked on berth 24 of the Muradok shipyard. "Comm, hail the Wanderer. I want to see who is in command over there, and where their allegiances lie. Tactical, bring us to flechette range, lock the 400's and the heavy missile batteries on the Shadowed Wanderer. Key for anti-strikefighter - we don't want to kill them unless necessary. Sciences, ready a hyperspace-sensor probe and launch it to within half a klick of the station. Do not have it activate until it reaches its target location - I don't want anyone, including the station, to know about it." He paused for breath, and then said, "If they run, I want to know where!" He finally sat down in his command chair while the bridge crew scrambled to carry out his orders. His steely-gray eyes bored into the front viewports, and the questionable assault frigate beyond...
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"...We sank a truck!" - Commander Sherman, Operation Petticoat
Julais stood up upon hearing the door open, Hameil had his hand firmly on a 9mm pistol attached to his belt and glared over. Ishar stood ready, his vision sharpened upon the face emerging from the door. "You're the skipper, I'm Assuming?" Was heard, Followed by his Rank and name, It was all a blur to Julais, His paranoia was setting in, "Who... What.." He slowly sat back down and Hameil stood up in his place. "I am First Officer Hameil, Julais is the captain, you can stand at ease, Mr.. Fenris."

Julais stood for a moment and asked simply. "Who do you serve.. Mr Fenris." Fenris was quick to answer, "The Skipper of this ship, Sir." Julais smirked a bit. "So a weapons officer? Please, Get with Ishar here, he is an expert marksman, His shots will be accurate, I have no doubts." Ishar moved to Fenris. "I'm Ishar, Mr Fenris. Appointed Weapons Officer, I guess a Lieutenant to your captain, you do a good job we will be fine."

Julais looked around, still fearful of all the changes going on. Sal moved up and started to talk. "I know we have not earned your respect sir, but honestly, Myself and Mr Fenrs never met the previous captain, and honestly, We have had just as hard of a time getting to where we are as you did. So, Give a little trust, I mean, We are trusting you." Julais stood up and stared off. "The only thing I do not trust right now is that destroyer that is moving a little close."

Asanya turned around in her chair. "Uh, Captain, According to this... This red line is almost to us, it says, 2km.. Er, OH! Weapon range! oh my.." She turned back around and pressed a few buttons. "Wow, Big guns on that ship." Julais turned about to the view screen. He pressed a button on the command chair console. "This is Captain Julais Of the Ship FF-A Shadowed Wanderer. ID-224.." He stuttered a bit, the sound of ruffling paper is heard as well. "My appologies, ID-224.. 56.. 23213. We are Operating under the Full mandate of Vaygr Space Law and Abide by all rules therein." He flipped the comm off. Hameil smirked a bit. "You were always the best at feeding lines of shit." Julais just sat back down. "Oh no! the comms still on!" Hameil grabbed his mouth and his eyes became red. "haha, just kidding." Julais said. Hameil grabbed the Grip on his pistol, then took a breath and turned forward. "Bastard" He muttered under his breath.

"Mr Fenris, Please give me a Update on our weapon status and capability. Mr Ishar, Give me Fire solutions and probability of impact scenarios. Keep their weapons under check Ms Asanya, Tell me of any changed in their status. And.. Brother, Take us right to the devils door step, Ahead One quarter."

The Orange lights of the engines flared up as the Frigate moved out of the Birth. The angle changed drastically compared to the massive destroyer ahead. The ship moved into a standard head on position and settled. Both ships floated silently in the vastness of space.
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Fenris reached down to the weapons console in front of Ishar, "If you don't mind. I'm very...intimate with the Wonderer's weapon systems." His fingers flew across the panel, bringing up status reports, inventories, diagrams, and cross sections.

"We have two plasma cannons - 550mm and 400mm respectively, both operating at full capacity. Our dorsal 6-tube MRAM2 system has been experiencing intermittent jamming problems with the automatic missile loading system on tubes 1 and 3, but it should be alright. Both port and starboard 300mm hypervelocity missile launchers have blown servos, so they can only fire forward - though the missiles track well enough we should be fine to hit anything larger than a fighter. All of the 130mm autocannons are in top shape, as are the two dual-90mm repeaters (the ones we were replacing as you boarded, sir). The 800mm Plasma Lance and the 20mm autocannons are green, too."

He turned to Julais, "All in all, pretty good shape, I'd say, sir. All weapons are online, loaded, and awaiting targeting data." He paused for a moment before continuing, "I've also been trained (and tested, unfortunately) not only in advanced damage control, but I practiced and trained with the 87th Expeditionary Marines, as well, in close-quarters combat and boarding actions. I'm only one man, but I can make a difference, sir."
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The comm clicked, and a voice in an unfamiliar dialect transmitted over the bridge. The commander had wanted everyone to hear it...

"My appologies, ID-224.. 56.. 23213. We are Operating under the Full mandate of Vaygr Space Law and Abide by all rules therein."

The comm clicked again. Commander Tir'Enoch's XO leaned down and whispered, "Their ID tags check out, Commander. They are in legitimate command..." The commander nodded, and waved his XO off. Outside, the frigate began to wrench itself away from its berth and pulled out of the main space-lanes and into mauling distance of the destroyer. It wasn't firing, though, and its weapons were still cold. As it should be...a bit too as it should be. Still, they haven't made any aggressive moves on us...

He pondered for a moment, then puzzled for another. The captain was found dead, but the captain's in command of the ship...Nothing makes sense... He looked up abruptly. "Tactical. Weapons analysis of the assault frigate. Put it through to my console here." A moment passed, and then a comprehensive list of that frigate's standard loadout appeared side-by-side of this particular frigate's loadout. They might has well had not even been the same ship; the Wanderer completely outclassed a Hiigaran Arbiter II destroyer - a destroyer which weighed in at almost three times the size of the frigate that lay before them! Commander Tir'Enoch swore softly, but maintained his composure - after all, they had the Crusader PLs - advanced weaponry or not, that frigate would be split asunder if it tried anything. But...not necessarily by us, he thought darkly.

He keyed Tactical. "Maintain combat readiness, but disengage missile lock and return the turrets to stationkeeping." Before his officer could potentially question the order, he cut the connection. Out of the corner of his eye he saw the master ship display return to stationkeeping as ordered - good. Now he reopened the channel to the commander of the battlewagon in front of him. "Commander Julais. I will hold you to that, and remind you of your duties as a Vaygr commander to the rest of the strike force. Slave your helm to ours, transponder code 992-14-551-S, capital phalanx formation. Welcome to the battlegroup." He cut communications with the other ship, and then signaled the Prejudice, one of the Quarinah frigates in his flotilla, with an old Hiigaran frequency that had been broken during the war. "Commander. I want you to keep a weather eye on the Shadowed Wanderer. I don't yet trust her commander, but they will be watching us too closely to slip. You will hopefully go I make myself clear?" The Prejudice's commander nodded curtly, and cut the channel. Finally, Commander Tir'Enoch sent the same message to the other ships in his flotilla on an even older Taiidani frequency, one that he had made sure to give to his squadron, but that hadn't been used in the galaxy at large since the Homeworld Wars. It contained curt instructions to not tell any of the other commanders in the fleet, and assured each of them that they were the only ones watching - it would give them all a reason to stay extra careful about tipping their possible infiltrator off.

Satisfied that there was nothing else he could do to manage the situation for now, he ordered the phalanx to turn towards the planet. Now, we will deal with the rebellion on the ground...
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"...We sank a truck!" - Commander Sherman, Operation Petticoat
Julais Listened To what Fenris had to say, "alright, you can stay on the bridge if you want, I'll leave it up to you, as you seem to enjoy working on the weapons. Sir." Julais said with a smirk. He looked towards the ship in front of him. "If I had that destroyer right now, this'd be a little more fun." he said, Hamiel interjected as well. "Yeah! we could you know, Replace the engine with say, a hiigaran one and add some really powerful weapons to it! I had this idea for a Massive Plasma lance!" He said exuberantly. Julais gave a smug look then smiled a bit, "That engineering degree did you alot of good! you know, six months and all." Ishar started to smile when he seen the middle finger raise from Hameil. "no respect.. none at all.. A good idea and what do I get" He said, before being cut off. "Brother, I see some activity here." Julais stood up, "what's going on?"

"Receiving a message, Patching it through." "Commander Julais. I will hold you to that, and remind you of your duties as a Vaygr commander to the rest of the strike force. Slave your helm to ours, transponder code 992-14-551-S, capital phalanx formation. Welcome to the battlegroup." Julais sat back down after semi saluting the image ahead. "Well, that went well.." He pointed to Hameil, "Alright, Follow their nav projection.. I can see their turrets aren't trained on us anymore, I guess a good sign, eh?"

The ship slowly lurked towards the designated navigation point portrayed on the hud, seemingly drifting into place, Almost in a defiant manner. The ship finally arrived at the designated spot. The entire bridge crew, now facing the planet were able to see the situation. Nuclear detonations had pushed massive waves of clouds away. What looked like craters in the white were in fact the remnants of shock waves created by short burst nuclear exchange. There were no "nations" to say on the planet, but many people who still held power and favor over the Vaygr occupiers.

Julais awaited his new Commanders orders, he was intrigued as to what it would be, A release of Missiles from the sky? or perhaps a full entry and engagement into the atmosphere. Julais for one had no intent on ever going back down there, not after living his whole life on that mudhole of a planet. He pointed to Ishar who then pressed a button on his console. "Mr Fenris, I need missiles primed and ready, Thank you."
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Fenris nodded, "Aye sir. Loading MRAM tubes one through six with High Explosive Atmospheric Entry missiles. Do you want me to load up the HVM as well, sir?" Nimble fingers pressed a series of buttons. He bit his lip, then cursed as a light went yellow. He hit a few more buttons, and cursed again. "Makaan's blood... Tube three has jammed sir." He looked over his shoulder to Julais, "Do you want me to fix it, sir, or..." He then glanced to the others on the bridge.
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