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The HGNS "Seraphim" WS
As names are subject to change I still have this idea to present forward.

I've looked at this whole battlebarge concept and I love it, so why not combine the massive amount of technology I've put fourth with ideals into a really cool super front line capitol ship, A "World Ship" more accuratly.

A ship perhaps onehalf or Twice as large as a majiiran, with the PCA on the frontal portion, Two massive Ion cannon turrets on top and bottom and long range Heavy missile tubes for firing extremely large torpedoes at most likely stationary targets. The ship wouldn't have any construction abilities with the exception of the Sentinel II drones proposed earlier. Also, for sake of protection of such a big flag target, A repulsar field to keep pesky little strike craft away.

I am using this as a Compensation for my obviously Failed Supercap Concept in my earlier RP's.. The Archangel, Hope, and Trident. So perhaps a new fleet of Large super caps with those names.. lol, yeah, desire!

I just believe that for certain circumstances call for intense firepower. Vaygr fortresses are immense, as are orbital defences.. As the battle barge was meant to blunt hiigaran naval power, the Seraphim would be designed for the sole purpose of Hunter killer for Immense Targets like that. Long range missiles for those stealthy strikes (Love the idea on the Realistic sensors Btw) and ofcourse when the ship arrives, you've never seen something so big move that fast.. Give it a good frontal speed and maybe limited turn speed for the reason of it having such a large frontal firing weapon... Somewhat like the Taiidan QJE..

Eh, just an idea..
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Considering how vessels and fleets are getting larger, I support this idea. We all have seen the influence strike craft can have on the battlefield, and with a large, slow, EXPENSIVE target for these craft, new tactics would need to be developed. It could be a super capitol ship, much like the USS Enterprise in the navy (I think there are 3 total all owed by the USofA). I dunno, I'd like to hear other ppls opinions on this one to. VOTE YES for big guns!...and target for lotsa little tiny ships!
no offence, but i dont like this idea. its unrealistic, and it would lead to something like the vaygr getting their stations from the solo campaign to compensate with BIGGER guns etc etc. until soon the Maj wouldnt even cut the mustard anymore. To be honest the Hiigs wipe the floor with the vaygr most of the time now, so im thinking to be honest the BaBA is necessary how it is for some balance- besides anything else, all vaygr ships are damn expensive... i'm a hiig player, but its getting annoying crushing the computer even when its set to expert
Well, It's more of a fluff creation than anything but hiigs seem to always go for bigger and better, This thing would qualify as a solo Space Monitor mostly.. Why use cheap weak ships for long range patrol/heavy sieges when you can put a WS on the job! lol.. I could always ask a favor and have one built for me! that'd be cool.
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
Here's a newbie's two cents....

Why not make the platform somewhat scaled down, small enough to avoid being a main target, but still large enough to pose a viable threat.
Mount extended range point defense weapons, flak guns, and fast homing missile racks to take care of the massed Hiigaran strike craft. To go toe to toe with Hiigaran Capital Ships? It's been my observation that anything laser based seems to cut through Hiigaran life bars pretty well.

Just my idea, with this setup it looks like the Vagyr have learned from their Hiigaran counterparts while improving on the missile boat designs that are so common in their fleets.
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He's talking about making a Hiigaran ship, so taking care of massed Hiigaran strike craft wouldn't be the objective. Friendly fire is generally discouraged Wink

And I wouldn't call the big E a super-capitol ship. Sure it's a supercarrier, but the Nimitz class is bigger, and even still, I think a battleship such as the Yamoto/Musashi is more worthy of the title.
Haha, much for reading the posts before...(sigh)

As for the idea...(yes, I reread the whole thread), Hiigarans never struck me as the kind of guys that'd actually build a gigantic weapons platform. They always came off as more of this opposite, more of a deadly grace and beauty to their ships. Not a giant lumbering idiot.

Although...when you look at a's kinda hard NOT to be a lumbering idiot.Grin

I think if anything...improments on the already existing shipyard would prove better. Maybe a redesigned hull, to look more like the modern Hiigaran ships/facillities?
"If you know your enemy and you know yourself, you need not fear the outcome of a thousand battles." -Sun Tzu
Heh, Actually, good idea on the Construction bay. I used to have a Thing for a space monitor, Sadly based on a BSG (battle Star Galactica) concept. A ship that had limited Standoff Capability but focused more so on Hunter-Killer Concepts. Now, Seeing as this idea is moot, Especially with the Emergence of the Alessian Empire, which embodies this concept but with highly Conceptual Weapons and Tactics, The Velociaraptor of the Space Lanes is now the Alessian Dreadnought. But thanks for the input guys! perhaps Hiigara will adopt a Space monitor someday lol.
I am the Alpha and Omega, the first and the last... the beginning and your end.
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