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Canon Writer's Guide
OK below is my first cut at the HGN officer structure. I will work on the ratings next. Let me know what you think.

Hiigaran Rank System


Phia?sa - (?the honored commander?- trans. from Kharakian) Admiral [ADM] - Senior Officer of the HGN. Responsible for the overall management of the HGN military operations to the Diiamid. Can be a sitting member of the Diiamid, but cannot also be a Kiith?sa to the Diiamid at the same time.

Phia - (?the commander?- trans. from Kharakian) Commodore [CDR], Commands numbered fleets (as in 15th Fleet). Other than the numbered fleets there are only three Phia within the HGN structure: the Deputy HGN Commander (Second only to the Phia?sa. Occasionally known as the Phia Tesh), the HGN Operations Officer and the HGN Logistics Officer.

Jak?sa - (?the honored leader?- trans. from Kharakian) Fleet Captain [FC] - ('one who leads?- trans. from Kharakian) Commands elements of a numbered fleet (as in Task Forces). This rank is also referred to as "Task Force Captain [TFC]" in task force command situations.

Jak?Phi - (?command {great} leader?- trans. from Kharakian) Captain [CPT] - Commands combat capitol ships (BB, BC, CV) or capitol ship flotilla. Senior staff officer, non-command. Runs staff elements such as Fleet Intelligence, Operations or Logistics.

Anamehej - (?trail knower?- trans. from Kharakian) Vice Captain [VC] - Commands capitol ships (CL, DD) or Frigate Flotilla. Also a staff officer who runs sections within staff sections such as Covert Section, Fleet Intelligence. An example would be that the senior logistics officer for a Fleet Task Foirce. Anamehej Tesh ? is a lateral rank that gives a flotilla commander seniority if more than one one officer of rank is assigned to a flotilla. Also the Anamehaj Tesh is commonly the rank of the chief of staff within a Flotilla of Task Force commanded by a Jak?Phi, commonly the second senior ship commander within a TF or Flotilla.

Jefet?ne - ('one who leads?- trans. from Kharakian) Commander [CDR] - Commander of frigates or strike craft Groups (multiple squadron), mid field grade officer. A crucial rank within the fleet as it is the first rank at which individual commands a heavier combatant vessel or multiple squadron of strike craft. Within the support staffs this rank is the next step for those who demonstrate superior staff skills within their expert field. Most staff Jefet?ne come from the ranks of the Jefet Tesh.

Jefet - ('one who would lead?- trans. from Kharakian) Sub-Commander [SC] - Commander of strike craft units (interceptor squadrons, corvette squadrons). Junior Field Grade officer and the grist of any staff {coffee Sir?}. Also known as the ?Mehej sadan? (?splitting of the trail? - trans. from Kharakian). Those not remaining in command of strike craft units are moved into staff positions either on larger capitol ships or dirt side. The Jefet who remain on fleet vessels remain in contention for larger combatant commands along with the strike craft commands. Here they learn and work with all of the facets of operating fleet units. The dirt side Jefet will commonly move into positions of support within specialties, such as logistics, technology, or administration for the myriad of various activities required to keep the Hiigaran Navy functioning. This is the most common rank within the HGN. Many officers peak at this level and remain for the duration of their career. There is a lateral rank of ?Jefet Tesh? that recognizes an officer who has significant expertise within a given area, such as science or admin that allows for internal staff leading procedures.

Hadat'ne - ('one who shown promise'- trans. from Kharakian) ? Senior Ensign [SE] - Junior officer who has managed to not commit terrible infractions as a Hadat and thus really does shows promise. Junior officers who have had at least one fleet mission completed. Having demonstrated adequate knowledge of their area of training they are moved to positions where they control ratings, and on larger capitol ships potentially Hadat. In strike craft they commonly control individual ships or potentially two ship sections. On frigate class they can become responsible for ship operations or navigation. The Hadat?ne assigned to frigates are the very top performers who are being trained for higher command rank. Many of these are former corvette section leaders who have demonstrated superior combat skills in action.

Hadat - ('one who shows promise'- trans. from Kharakian) ? Ensign [EN] - Fresh from school one who provides both comic relief and grief for more senior officers and ratings alike. Most arrive with specialty training in engineering, weapons, communications or logistics. Only the Hadat in the top fifteen percent, evaluated and showing excellent aptitude for command are trained in operations and navigation. Because of their immaturity with combat they are usually found on the larger capitol ships under the tutelage of more senior officers and ratings. They are also common in strike craft and corvette class ships where they can assume control of individual combatants once they demonstrate proficiency with the vessels systems.
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Cobalt Shiva
I like it. Superior depth and cultural background makes it a great improvement over what's currently in the guide.

New orders, as you've heard - we're to suspend all operations on the guide and focus on the 7.0 manual. I'll paste this new material in, and then it's off to ship backgrounding for me.
"This is tactical control..."
Using that as official. Proliferation on RP forums here approved.
Cobalt Shiva
I want to remind everyone that this is an open thread - you may submit material on any topic and have it considered for canon status.

I know there's been active discussion about land warfare, personal firearms, etcetera. This is all material that could be used in the guide.
"This is tactical control..."
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