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PDS 7.3.2

7.3.1 to 7.3.2 changelog:
- added the \"Javelin\" Destroyer by Thorin
- added mission 6 \"Operation Crossbow\" by Mostly_harmless
- added SP scenario script for mission 3
- added new sorts of pings
- modified ThunderBolt mkIV (weapon pods redesigned and integrated in the HOD)
- modified LSF (weapon pod redesigned; lower badge unflipped; small texture changes)
- fixed reversed badge bug on Hgn auxiliary carriers
- Bloodhound and Hydra turrets integrated in ship\'s HOD
- Linebacker beam turrets integrated in ship\'s HOD
- UI text bug fixed
- new color code for multiplier/ability spheres
- all ships get a slight manoeuverability boost (no space friction)
- fixed small bugs in soundscripts
- fixed autodock bugs in game rules
- added a no-shipyard option in the early assault game type
- improved UI for Newduel ship selection
- fixed bugs in the Ascension mission 1
- fixed the Iskandar Shah bug that made it disappear at a certain distance
September 23 2007 16:52:45
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