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An effort to pump up PDS...
Vaygr Movie - Angels of Darkness
Site Info #27
I have returned
Back to PDS contest
I shall return...
V11 to V12
The Independent Office of Pioneering Support
Urgent help required
New mirror at 3ddownloads!
V11 Beta 8.01 Update Available
Beta 8 Moddb Mirror
Beta 8 Mirror Online
V11 Beta 8 Released!
New Video Archive
V11 7.2 Update and Full Install packages available.
Where do all my free time go to?
V11 seems to be progressing well, what's next?
Delayed, but not dead.
V11 Standard Update available
V11 Beta 3 Released
Downloads and site intro cleanup
V11 Beta 2 release
V11 Beta Release and TFS Collaboration
First Era Enhanced - PDS Mark II (V11) Order of Battle
Will there be an "Official" First Era update?
V10/Unsung Era Reactivation
PDS/Warlords cooperation
Tel's Art Gallery
PDS fiction
PDS Third Era - Construction Underway
Outsourcing of Website Management
Chains of Command
7.6 Released
World Setting for PDS-AS Universe
PDS-AS Release 2 Completion (V7.6)
PDS-AS Release 2 WIP
PDS Aetas Secundus Release 1 (V7.5 equivalent)
Forum Reorganisation
7.4 released, completely new battlespace.
Limited ammo for NGCS Campaign?
NGCS campaign working draft
NGCS Earth beta released
NGCS/Earth 1 Intro Movie
Merry Christmas!
Last Battlefield Website Online
NGCS Ship Roleplay
Generation Five Weapons Systems RnD
JTF21 Equivalent for NGCS Release II
NGCS Beta 1 Release
NGCS @ Relic
Oh really?!
NGCS Mk.1 Test Results
PDS V8.0 Modus Operandi
use GOOGLE video (in beta) for more Exposure -read..
V7.1 (provisional) featurelist
Hiigaran News Service - 300972
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