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Site CMS News

Category: Site CMS News
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Mayor upgrade and overhaul
Update to 6.00.204 completed
CMS 203 & BIG-files
CMS Problems

Category: CMS Problems
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Password change of all accounts is advised
PDS Admin

Category: PDS Admin
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V7.0 Post Production Efforts commence
V7 Art Department Announcement
Discharge of V7 Beta Test Platoon
Operational Setbacks
PDS Bugs

Category: PDS Bugs
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There are no news items in this category.
PDS Articles

Category: PDS Articles
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PDS V4.9x Ship Reference still available...
PDS Downloads

Category: PDS Downloads
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Content updated
PDS Files
Dual Hull Imperator CVH prototype
PDS v7 Mac Patch
PDS v7 Released
V7 Voicepack Download
PDS Games

Category: PDS Games
Number of Items: 2
Vote for Relic at The Escapist
The Great Carrier Arms Race
PDS News

Category: PDS News
Number of Items: 12
Naysayers be Damned
New Directions
PDS V8.0 Underway, Phase I Beta Released
The Last Battlefield TC
V7.1 Production Commences
Dev. News 10th October '05
V7.0 Beta Test Complete
"'Cos we hath enow skinny lasses and need a -real- fighting lady!"
V7.0 delays - justification
Completion of PDS v7 custom VA implementation

Category: PDS RP
Number of Items: 2
Hiigaran Fighter Weapons School
Hiigaran News Service - 300905
None-Categorised News
Number of Items: 61
An effort to pump up PDS...
Vaygr Movie - Angels of Darkness
Site Info #27
I have returned
Back to PDS contest
I shall return...
V11 to V12
The Independent Office of Pioneering Support