This is the new direction that PDS will be taking in any new venture. Thoughts?

Vaygr Movie - Angels of Darkness

Now available on YouTube

Version: V11 beta 8.01
Location: Bharat Nebula
Game: Invasion 1 vs 2
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Homdax (aka HomeBoy)

And you have a nice reconquista video

Stay tuned for more.

Well, PDS is still dear to my heart and the wife loves Battlestar Galactica stuff so I would eventually pique some PDS interest in her.

Who cares if V7.3 is outdated? It still runs perfectly if only a bit slow on battle resolution (which V11 solves). And I never exploited CFHod to max potential.

The reason why I would like to come back though is very simple - notice the asshats who wanted to ruin this site for their own childish sense of "revenge" just a few days ago?

I find it very entertaining for very seldom do you get situations where one man (myself) puts thorns in the flanks of so many people. It is such an honor to attract such high profile attention and you know I love it ^^